There’s Only One I Want Talking Behind My Back

DSN9118-2-MI just returned from a trip to Sam’s Club. About once-a-month we go stock up on a few things we feel are a good buy. Today I had some extra time and decided I would get it out of the way and go by myself.

Big mistake.

I accomplished the task, but my partner wasn’t there to ask questions to; so there was no one to provide me with suitable answers. I felt very insecure in some of the items I purchased.

I kept second guessing myself and really didn’t think too much about it until I saw myself in an aisle mirror. Then I smiled because I am sure I provided some entertainment to other shoppers as they watched me pick up one thing then another; then put something back and replace it with something else. Then two aisles later I’m running back to make another exchange.

With a full cart I was almost to the check out lane when I realized I didn’t have the mixed nuts. There are many items I would not have gone back for, but I can’t go without the mixed nuts. Out of the line and back to find the nuts. I am sure there were people observing that if they knew what I was going after would have said I have eaten too many and they’ve gone to my head. The nuts in the cart, I head back to checkout.

When you are used to doing something by yourself it is pressing (at least for me) to do it on my own. Maybe I’m insecure, or get lonely making decisions by myself. Maybe I count on her help more than I should, but I don’t think so – I just really need her.

I am glad that the trip to Sam’s isn’t a metaphor for life, or maybe it is… In things that matter; in seeking the Kingdom of God first; there is a promised voice behind me, whispering, protecting, advocating a certain way to go. Isaiah 20:31. I am very grateful.

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