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DSN9118-2-MI attended a networking meeting last night. It was a fun time and I met some wonderful people. I am not a networking type of person, but was invited t this one by a new friend and it sounded like a special group. Each person was asked to bring a bottle of wine. There were hors de oeuvres served, the wine was opened and everyone was encouraged to do some tasting.

I am certainly no expert in wine being raised in a close to tea-totally family. Some of the attendees were. They swirled, sniffed, held it up to the light, read the labels… I tasted several. The mass consumption of mine totaled about half a glass. Sorry to admit, but I would have preferred a diet soda tasting event.

When I got home I decided to do a little, very little, research into wine. I found an article that maintained that the wine in Biblical times was probably grape juice. The article went on to prove its point. I was not convinced. It seems like Paul’s admonishment to not get drunk with wine loses its point if you render it don’t get drunk with grape juice.

Jesus first miracle also loses some power if you compare serving new to old grape juice.

I have a degree in theology. Sometimes I am ashamed of it when I read theological “stuff”. It seems to me that Jesus died to bring people into the Kingdom of God and since then denominations have set up boundaries of belief (and behavior) to try to keep people out.

Jesus’ one word theology was “love”. By missing that I am afraid we have done something nearly as miraculous as Jesus; He turn water into wine and we have turned wine into grape juice.

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