Our Simeon Ancestry

DSN9118-2-MLet’s stop at the close of the year and reflect on the many possibilities that have come to pass; reflect on opportunities we may have missed; and be grateful for every experience we encountered (for each is either a success or a potential successful learning situation).

I love the story of Simeon in the Bible book of Luke.

Simeon sees the infant Jesus, recognizing the future of the child and his influence upon mankind. After witnessing the presence of the child he says that he can die in peace having seen the salvation that God would provide.

What a remarkable realization. Simeon experienced the deepest level of contentment because of the peace he felt in the presence of Jesus and the understanding of salvation.

I wish for you that peace this holiday season. I hope you have a deep satisfying contentment; and may that peace you experience be the impetus for peace on earth and the display of good will toward all.

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