The Hills Are Alive

DSN9118-2-MLast week’s travel to San Francisco brought an enlightening reminder.

The day I arrived was cloudy. During the night it began to rain, which continued through most of the next day. The day I left for the airport was cloudy. The atmospheric conditions left me unable to see sun, moon or stars during my entire stay.

As I was returning to the airport I was thinking about the clouds. At first I was dismayed that the clouds had blocked the sun the whole trip. The scenery was beautiful and how much more so if the sun was shining. Then I thought another thought, it was only because of the brightness of the sun that I was able to see the clouds.

In 2 Kings chapter six, the Syrian army surrounds the man of God. His faithful aid is very much afraid while the prophet remains calm. With fear surmounting the prophet eases the aid’s anxiousness by stating that those that are with them greatly outnumber those that are against them. Eyes are opened revealing the army of the Lord encompassing and protecting the man of God and his helper.

I don’t think that when the army of the Lord arrived that it was seen by one and not the other, but rather the prophet knew they were there without seeing them; the vision revealed to the aid confirmed what the prophet already knew.

Thanksgiving? I’m thankful for the presence of God even when, especially when, He may otherwise seem hidden. For it is the very presence of God that illuminates circumstances that may otherwise seem He has disappeared.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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