A Blown Prayer Fuse

DSN9118-2-MOur washing machine went on out. It would run through all the cycles, it is just that the motor wasn’t appearing to do its job. I could hear clicking and noises that made me think the electronics were working fine, but somehow the motor wasn’t getting the signal.

I took the front off the machine. I gazed at it for a while. Got down on the ground and pushed and pulled wires. Thumped a few things, gave the motor a good knock. Started it all up again but without any improvement. I repeated my previous actions, but with a little more authority. Still no response. To me it seemed like it must be the motor, so I looked for a reset button and found none. I pushed and pulled all the wires connected to the motor, I gave it a good slap on the side; still nothing.

This washer is much more complicated with all the electronics than the older ones. This one is just a few years old, and looks simple, but everything has become more electronic. There isn’t a lot to take apart and look for problems and problems are not as evident. So after my ineffective tries, I called a repairman expecting to have to replace the motor. Once that was determined I was sure I could replace the motor myself.

Rick showed up and began his own diagnostics. He used a meter and checked the electrical current on several things and then mentioned it could be a fuse in the wiring. He used a knife and wire cutters to expose a little electronic fuse about the size of a grape nut. Sure enough that was the problem; he replaced it and was on his way to his next call.

I looked at that little fuse. Something so small that kept the whole machine from working.

Psalm 66:18 says “If my thoughts had been sinful, he would have refused to hear me.” Often times I am tempted to become impatient with God in answering my prayers. Perhaps I need to look for something small in my life that may be interfering with the relationship. Maybe there is a small insignificant part of my life (from my perspective) that I haven’t revealed to Him that is hindering the relationship.

I looked at that tiny little fuse and thought, “There are some big lessons in this!”


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