A Daily Gift

DSN9118-2-MI sat as my desk, brought the computer back from sleeping and waited for a program to load. While sitting there I noticed, on the edge of my desk, some wrapping paper. It’s been resting there since Christmas.

My mind wandered and I clicked on the “pictures” tab and began looking at photos I had taken when the family was together for our Christmas celebration at the cabin.

One of the pictures caught my attention, and imagination. The morning we open gifts we set them all out and arrange them by whom they are intended for; each person has their own pile of gifts. After they’re arranged, before they are assaulted, I take a picture of the gifts waiting to meet their new owners.

As I looked at that picture, everything was neatly arranged, stacked almost in an artistic display. The scene is quiet except for the anticipation of the grand unveiling. All is ready, just waiting, waiting, waiting…

Every day God begins by setting, wrapped before us, an unlimited amount of presents; opportunities, experiences, relationships, feelings… The day is wrapped, new and fresh, bringing our anticipation of what will happen.

Another series of pictures shows each person unwrapping the gifts prepared for them. It’s fun looking back, but you know, not all the presents were winners. Some were just so-so and others brought a hidden response of, “What?” But each gift received is gratefully acknowledged and every one feels good about what was given and what was received. Hidden wonders remain hidden, love is experienced and even some tears of joy shed.

I too often move through my days mundanely. It’s just another day, I keep moving, going through the motions with little expectations; too little joy and too busy to notice.

“God, please help me to realize each new day as a neatly wrapped gift from you. May I enter with joyful anticipation and faithful expectations of your presence; and each opportunity and experience as your present. And at the close of the day, regardless of how well I have taken advantage of, or even noticed all the gifts you have given, Let my heart recount the day with praise, and adoration for letting me unwrap the gifts I found, and forgiven for what I overlooked. Please give me another chance and help me to do better.”

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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