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DSN9164-2-MI caught just a part of a news report on a new Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK), Memorial.  It piqued my interest.  I went to my book shelves and found a little book I’d recently picked up on his speeches.  I began reading, hit and miss, here and there, just looking at snippets of what he said. I was fascinated.  It was great reading.  I was in awe as I remembered he’d written all these words and made all of these speeches.  The words were inspiring to read.  How much more powerful it must have been to hear those words spoken.

I’m certainly not an expert on MLK by any stretch.  I remember him.  I remember when he was shot.  I remember there were critics and fans.  But the more I learn about him and read his words; the more of a hero he has become for me.

He was a great leader.  Great leaders communicate passion and inspire action.  Note: there is a subtle but important difference between communicating with passion and communicating passion.  Dr. King could do both.  But he was most effective because he communicated passion.  Of course there needs to be a caveat, the passion inspired must be for the good and the resulting action must be good.  King did that.

I deeply respect a person who can so effectively communicate and change minds for the better.  I don’t mean brain-washing, coercion or manipulation.  Rather, someone who is so passionate about a cause that is right, just and good.  They communicate in such a way as to change people.  The result is what is best for everyone.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to do that.

Good leaders communicate passion and inspire action.

Points to Ponder –

How would you rate your communication skills?

How would you rate your ability to communicate one to one?

How would you rate your ability to communicate in public situations?

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