A Lesson from Behind My Truck Seat.

DSN9118-2-MI cleaned out my truck. The bed had accumulated some things that needed to be straightened out. Behind the seat had become a collection place for various items. As I prepared for the task I brought along a trash bag and a recycle bag fully expecting that both would be made full.

As I began pulling out thing I made an unexpected discovery… there wasn’t much trash and very little recycling. Most of the things I found actually did belong in the bed r behind the seat. It’s just that they had become disorganized, and somewhat forgotten.

I organized, rewrapped some rope, reorganized bungee cords, cleaned and wrapped the flashlight with a cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Fastened down the safety kit, jack and tire changing kit. In the bed I arranged the blankets there in case of moving something; placed the boards I have to organize things and keep things from racing to the front of the bed when I drive.

Finally, all cleaned and organized.

My life gets like that. Left to itself the good stuff get disorganized. Even though it may be good and useful and beneficial to my faith walk, the priorities get a little scrambled; stress happens; confusion ensues; doubts arise. A little time spent getting things back in order, putting first things back into first; focusing on Kingdom priorities…

1 Corinthians 14:33 states that God does not author confusion, but peace. When there is confusion it is of my own oversight. The mess in my truck was my own doing, and I’m glad it was there. For in getting things straightened out I learned a beautiful lesson on how God deals with me, and how I need deal with myself.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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