A Little Boy, a Boat, and a Father

DSN9118-2-MThe rain was coming down pretty hard yesterday, but only for a short time. I was watching out a window as the sides of the streets look like little stream with a fast-moving current. As I watched I was reminded of a favorite story.

During a prolonged rainy afternoon a small boy found his way to his father’s tools in the basement. Taking a few pieces of wood and some other materials he fashioned a beautiful little boat complete with a dowel rod mast and a handkerchief sail. He found some paint and markers and completed his project.

A little while later, as it was getting dark, the rain stopped. The little boy hurried outside and began to play with his boat as the water ran down the street. In the darkness and the speed of the moving water the little boat got away from the sailor and was washed down a storm sewer. The little guy was crushed.

A week or so past when the boy and his mom were walking down the street and the boy saw his ship sitting in a resale shop window. With urgent pleas the boy took his own money and went in and bought the boat back. He felt love and pride as he walked out of the store.

As he left he said these words, holding up his creation, he exclaimed, “Little boat, little boat, you are mine twice. I made you and I bought you.”

The Bible book 1 John, chapter 3, begins by asking us to see and understand the kind of love our heavenly Father has given to us; for we are called the children of God. We are His twice, he made us and He has bought us.

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