A Little Foolishness

DSN9158-2-LPlease bear with me in a little foolishness, I just came across a phrase, and one similar to it, that made me think. Sorry. You’re familiar with the phrases and although they seem to mean the same thing, I’m not sure they do. Maybe you’ve noticed it before and, after reading, will really wonder about me.

The first is the phase, “nothing is impossible.” It’s biblical. I have usually understood it to mean that there is no thing that is impossible. But my new understanding is that nothing is impossible. In other words, and more exact, it is impossible for nothing to happen. Nothing is not a choice, something is going to happen.

Matthew and Luke both state that with God nothing will be impossible. I really like my new understanding. When God looks at an individual he believes that it is impossible for that person to do, or be, nothing. God has a plan.

The other phrase is, “All things are possible.” Matthew and Mark both use that phrase; indicating that all things are possible with God. That adds another dimension. It is impossible for nothing to happen, but add to that – God makes anything possible to happen.

Nothing is impossible, and all things are possible with God. A new reason for hope.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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