A Mother’s Leadership

0531151714aShe celebrated her 91st birthday surrounded by her 7 children, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Although she tires more easily than she used to, the gleam in her eyes showed she loved every minute of the gathering.

She hasn’t had an easy life. She had many struggles, but the love she receives from her children is something every parent, grandparent and great grandparent would appreciate and many certainly envy. This has made every sacrifice worthwhile.

She’s an amazing woman. And at 91 she continues to lead her family. She has sacrificed, loved, supported, encouraged, advised, and she demonstrates the most important qualities of leadership; integrity and example.

She raised 7 children, worked outside the home for a while to make ends meet; her doors always open to family and her family’s friends. She has done whatever she felt necessary. Of all her endearing and valuable qualities, she is most appreciated and admired for her love and example.

Great leaders, whether in family or business, lead by example; what they display most often is compassionate concern and integrity.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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