A Perfect Union

DSN9164-2-MIt’s an age-old problem. I talked with a man who was given responsibility for a project, but had no authority to actualize the plan. He was told to follow directions, complete the project. But he had questions and needed to make decisions, but he wasn’t given that authority. Every step that needed attention meant going back to the person in authority. The ’authority’ was frustrated with the interruptions and the “responsible party’ was frustrated with the paralysis.

Leaders must realize that leading means having authority and responsibility. When taking a leadership situation it must be understood that with authority comes responsibility, but also that with responsibility there must be authority

Leaders must also understand that when they delegate responsibility they must also delegate authority. Neither one can work effectively without the other.

To give a person authority without responsibility is tyranny. To give responsibility without authority is manipulation.

Authority and responsibility is the marriage that unites leadership within an individual. It also trains the next generation of leaders.

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