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DSN9118-2-MIt was a pleasure to speak at the Christian Church of Olney, IL last Sunday. They have a great group and it was fun to visit and have the opportunity to be with them. As I prepared for my Sunday with them I let my thoughts take me where they led and I would up with a message on how to change your attitude. I used a comic that I am sure Shirley would say was a true story from my last doctor visit. It had a patient sitting on the exam table and the doctor looking at his report, he says, to the man, “You tested positive for being negative.”

So I came upon a strategy I promised to use in my own life and challenged others as well. Here is what I am going to do…

Monday – spend some time thinking of three things I am thankful for. This isn’t a quick, thanks and on with my life. This is seriously thinking of three things I am truly grateful for and diving deep into the reason why. This is to be a serious dissection not a flippant activity.

Tuesday – a day to reflect on a positive experience. This can be something recent or something more historical; either way it is designed to help me value past experiences and their meanings to me.

Wednesday – this is a day to think and dream about the future in a positive way. I may be about an upcoming activity, or something I would like to plan. It may be about the promises of God; it may be about an afternoon with the grandkids. It just needs to be positive thoughts about the future.

Thursday – note writing day. This day I write someone important in my life a brief note. It may be thanks, or encouragement; maybe even get well, or looking forward to seeing you; but I will take time to write a note and mail it.

Friday – a day of reflection on what I’ve experienced. I’ll record either a positive experience, or take a negative experience and write out the positive lessons I learned.

I purchased a 2014 daily calendar to record each day’s activities. Four days in and I am doing well. But I have found that doing the days as I’ve outline them has led me to anticipating the next day, and days. It seems I go through each day a little every day. I’ve found it to be a good thing.

Here is how I’ve outlined my week, it’s easy to keep track…
Monday – Thanksgiving
Tuesday- Terrific Times
Wednesday – Fantastic Future
Thursday – Dear…
Friday – Review or Reframe

I look forward to these activities either improving my outlook, or at least teaching me some valuable lessons. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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