A Sunny Destination

DSN9118-2-MI was returning from an event in eastern Illinois. It was late evening and I came up a hill on interstate 70. At the crest of the overpass I could see an amazing sight. There was quite a crowd going west with me, and quite a few cars going east. The road we were crossing was also busy with cars going north and south. From this vantage point I could see intersecting roads and it seemed like there were people going in every direction.

As I looked up I noticed all the vapor trails left by jets crisscrossing the sky. I wanted to count them, but trying to keep my eyes on the road while making the count proved too difficult. But suffice it to say, there were many.

I began to think of all the lives the cars and planes represented. I mused that this was an insignificantly small number compared to the rest of the world. All the people and all going somewhere. Planes, train, automobiles…

I was lost in thought considering all the destinations, the size of the world and the people. All lives dwarfed by the size of the world, but significant in the measure of their lives, families and influence. But my thoughts drifted back to where is everybody going, looking at cars and truck and wondering about each story. Then I began to wonder about my own story.

About that time I came around a slow curve and as the road straightened the sun was immediately in front of me. It looked as if the road ran straight into the sun. I had my answer. My story is heading for the Kingdom of God. There may be a lot to my story, just like each vehicle I encountered, but the final analysis; the final destination is brighter than the sun. Full speed ahead.

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