A Toothless Hiss

DSN9118-2-MThe serpent reared his ugly head and struck. The blow was blunt; without any bite. When I turned to look the head was crushed and the mouth open revealing there were no longer any fangs…

Dad passed away early this morning. The enemy came trying to make a scene saying that ever since Adam sinned he has been able claim lives and carry them to the grave. So the grave will be opened and Satan will try to sneak him in the back door. But Jesus is waiting at the front door saying “You can’t have him, he’s mine.”

Death has a terrible hiss, but no teeth. The fangs have been removed so that the mortal blow is just as mortal – it doesn’t last. Because of Jesus the mortal is replaced with immortality. The enemy’s bite has been reduced to a bruise. It hurts, but Jesus heals. It causes death, but Jesus replaces it with life. We do grieve, but not as those without hope.

I see Jesus dancing in the graveyard.

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