About Leadersbridge

Craig WagganerLeadersBridge provides significant contributions to the fields of team building, leadership and relational and organizational success. Our organization offers the very best in Keynote Addresses, Team Building Workshops and Leadership Training. Each of our events is customized to our partners’ expressed needs and desires. Our presentations are researched to be accurate, and designed to be applicable and practical so that at the end of the event the only question will be, “What’s Next?”

About Craig Wagganer

Craig began LeadersBridge in 2012 with over 25 years of public speaking experience. He is passionate about training and has been successful with audiences from every sector of society; from non-profits to the very top companies on the Fortune lists. He has worked with audiences sizes ranging from 1 to over 1,000 and has received endorsements at every level. He is passionate about training and maximizing each participants potential while having as much fun as possible.

Prior work experience includes working as a quality control technician for Merck and Company, Inc.; pastoring churches in Ohio and Minnesota; and serving as a denominational executive. He has been certified as an instructor for several successful training companies and continues to coordinate activities with them.

Craig’s professional career has focused on leadership, team building, professional development and building relationships. Having overseen multiple boards and staffs, Craig has developed effective communication, leadership and team building skills that have benefitted numerous organizations. As a trainer, Craig has travelled extensively throughout the continental US, as well as Hawaii, Canada, Israel and Australia.

Originally from St. Louis, Craig has received Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management and Theology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Craig is a candidate for membership in the prestigious National Speakers Association and is certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.