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DSN9118-2-MCan you imagine being married to the same person for 39 years? No way; how boring, how mundane…

39 years ago tomorrow (July 12) Shirley and I will have been married 39 years. Little did I know or understand when I said I”I do” that it would always be in the present tense. “I do” every day because what I didn’t understand then I do now, I wasn’t going to be married to the same woman forever, she would change and grow and become more than I even dreamed at that point in time.

I’m not married to the same person… That girl has become a woman. That shy girl has become a woman and model of virtue. I didn’t realize, but I do as I look back, that I was marrying great possibilities and potential. She has grown, matured, and led me to be better than I would have ever been without her. I didn’t know that she was making an investment in me and now she has paid dividends beyond my expectations.

I’ll hear someone say that they’ve been married to the same person for “x” mount of years. That’s a shame. I’ve been married to a growing woman, whose been growing me for 39 years. She’s not the same as she was 39 years ago, she’s better. Thankfully, I’m not the same as I was 39 years ago, her influence has helped me grow, too.

Last year I bought Shirley a beautiful purple coneflower. In a year it has tripled in size. The flowers are fantastic. God designed things to be nourished and grow. Certainly God designed Shirley.

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