Angels and the Peter Principle

DSN9118-2-MThe Peter Principle (so many years old!) states that in a hierarchy a person will tend to rise to his/her level of incompetence. Simply stated, you do a good job and get promoted. You do a good job and get promoted, again. This continues until you reach your level of incompetence. Now you are no longer doing a good job- you’re incompetent. So the enigma is that you are frustrated working beyond your talents and abilities, and you are no longer promotable because you have reached your level of… well, you know. So there you stay as if sentenced to this laborious torture.

Okay, before you think I’m off on some Peter Prescription (Laurence Peter’s remedy for the Peter Principle) let me say that I am thinking about angels. That’s right- angels. You see some years ago an angel rolled away the tomb and Let Jesus out. You know the story. An angel came down rolled away the stone that covered the entrance to the tomb, and he sat upon it. Jesus was alive, Jesus was out!

I wonder when it was over if God told the angel that he did a good job. I’m not into angelology, and am not worried about being terribly accurate in the matter. But the Bible says what the angel did. I would guess it was his job. It appears he did it very well. I wonder if God told the angel how important his mission was. I wonder if God congratulated the angel for his job well done. I wonder if God said that the next time He needed graves open, he’d be the one for the job. He opened it for Jesus; he can open them for everyone when the time comes.

I have admitted I don’t know much about angels. But I do know some have “fallen.” I just hope that if the angel that rolled the stone away for Jesus has been rewarded by getting the job at our resurrection, I really hope he won’t have reached his level of incompetence. One big stone is one thing, six feet of dirt for all the rest of us is another.

Do you think God has a back up plan for angels?

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