DSN9118-2-MI came across a quote today, and I didn’t write it down! Now I know I am smarter than that. Or, well… I guess I’m not!

Anyway, it was from Winnie the Pooh and was something like “The best feeling in the world is eating honey. No, it’s the feeling you get right before you eat the honey.”

Carly Simon did a song a long time ago, “Anticipation.” And one of the key lines was, “Anticipation is making me wait.”

Isn’t anticipation a great thing? The feeling of anticipation almost always elevates the culmination of the event. It kind of changes the meaning of, “What are you waiting for?”

I think that is why Romans chapter 4 tells us that Abraham grew stronger in faith the longer God’s promise of a son didn’t come true. He knew the promise would come true, he anticipated it. So each day was not a day it didn’t happen, but rather a day closer to the day it would happen.

I have had people ask me what it means to seek God’s Kingdom first. Maybe it has to do with anticipation. “What are you waiting for?”

Come Lord Jesus, come.

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