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Idea Starters

“If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.”

Hillary Clinton

When media is at the mercy of ego, it’s not serving the public’s best interest, but merely serving the public’s interest. CSW


“If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?”

Lily Tomlin

It would improve the reading selections. How much would our collective intelligence rise if libraries provided the reading material for waiting rooms? CSW


“I’m going to marry a Jewish woman because I like the idea of getting up Sunday morning and going to the deli.”

Michael J. Fox

There is more to choosing a mate than just love. CSW


“This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”

Oscar Wilde

We say that suspense is killing us, when it actually makes us feel alive. CSW


“A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, ‘At my age, I don’t even buy green bananas.’”

Claude Pepper

If you can keep your sense of humor about growing old you’ll die laughing. CSW

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Difference Multiplication

DSN9118-2-MI was working with a small company that was looking for someone to come in and make a big difference.

They had worked hard, but their business continued to decline. Everyone knew something was needed, but weren’t sure what to do. There were two problems looming so big they seemed to go unnoticed.

The first was they seemed paralyzed to make changes. Everyone was waiting for someone to make a big difference that no one realized they could make a difference. For a while they had looked at each other wanting someone to stand up and make whatever changes were necessary.

Then, without any decisions or discussions, the mood changed to wanting to bring an outside consultant that would do something for them to make a huge difference and turn things around.

The second problem was the rut was so deep that although everyone believed change was needed, any and all ideas were met with reluctance, doubt and fear. It became evident that the overwhelming attitude was, “We want things to be different without changing anything.”

What’s needed? One trusted individual needs to take charge and confront the attitudes. That person also needs to emphasize that it isn’t one person making a big difference, but it’s each person making a little difference within their sphere of influence. The little difference under the right guidance will provide the big changes. With each person making contributions the buy-in will be greatly enhanced and accepted.

Synergy will turn things around. In this instance great leadership will provide motivation for great changes through combing the ingredients of smaller contributions. For this group the big difference will come through small differences being multiplied together.

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Idea Starters

“I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.”

Charles M. Schulz

There’s no use in ruining the day ahead of time. CSW


“Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.”

Ronald Reagan

Honesty with a little humor is the best policy. CSW


“If at first you don’t succeed, blame your parents.”

Marcelene Cox

From conception to death, it’s someone else’s fault. CSW


“Instant gratification takes too long.”

Carrie Fisher

We need something faster than a microwave. CSW


“I never expected to see the day when girls would get sunburned in the places they now do.”

Will Rogers

We wouldn’t let our daughters out of the house in their underwear, but what passes for a swimsuit… CSW


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Dad Still Buys Me Coffee

DSN9158-2-LIt’s been almost two years since my dad passed away. The time has passed too quickly; just like the final hours we had together.

After his death we were cleaning out his house and in several drawers we found little container with change in them. Just small coin purses, medicine bottles, watch boxes, etc. that were filled with coins. All totaled it probably wasn’t much, but perhaps a dollar or two in each.

Since then there have been times when I have been leaving the house for a meeting and decide to drive through and pick up a cup of coffee. I reach for one of those containers that I’ve never separated and pull out some change, enough for a cup.

Earlier this week as I drove through I thought about the coins. I smiled as I thought that dad was buying me this cup of coffee. He’s been buying my coffee for the past two years, even in his absence. As I drove away I spent some time thinking of him; appreciating him. I smiled almost as if the aroma of coffee somehow reminded me of his after shave; his presence.

His change has changed me. It’s made me mindful to be thankful. To appreciate him as well as the Father who gave me the wonderful and perfect gift (James 1:17) of a dad who still buys me coffee. I hope I never run out of change.

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Idea Starters

“Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

Jean Giraudoux

Even if you’re only average, strive to be the very best average possible. CSW


“A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists.”

Don Marquis

Show me a pessimist and I’ll show you a person weaned on a sour pickle. CSW


“There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory.”

Josh Billings

I’ve known people whose memory was so good they could remember things that never happened. CSW


“You’re only as good as your last haircut.”

Fran Lebowitz

How good are the folliclely challenged? CSW


“I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.”

David Lee Roth

Sippy cups, David, Sippy cups. CSW

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