Best Intentions

DSN9164-2-MI wonder how many times I’ve said, either out loud or to myself, “I was only trying to…” You know the situation. You were trying to do something good. You had great intentions but it didn’t turn out as planned. You tried to explain what you were thinking and how your motives were good, but it just didn’t turn out the way you expected.

Great leaders have great intentions; it just doesn’t always work out the way they desired. Here is a safeguard for testing those good intentions. Consider what is BEST for all concerned. Be aware of how the decision and resulting actions will affect everyone, even remotely involved in the outcome.

Consider what is BEST for all concerned:
Benefit – Think win-win as Stephen Covey encourages. Don’t accept anything less. If it isn’t obvious, then take the difficult step of continuing to work it out. Don’t do what’s easiest, but what benefits everyone concerned.

Encourage – Make sure the decision and resulting actions move forward. Make sure to encourage everyone related to the decision. Often times we need to look at what we are doing and frame it so it builds people up and doesn’t tear them down. A good barometer of how good your intentions are: evaluate how it will build others.

Stimulate – Our intentions, decisions and actions should stimulate others to follow. Not in an arrogant “look at me” or “do as I do” attitude, but rather by setting a good example. Others should see our decisions and actions, the results of our good intentions and imitate them. We should stimulate others in productive and creative ways.

Tangible – the end result of our good intentions should be tangible. Our intentions, decisions and resulting actions should provide a tangible experience for everyone involved. That experience should be one that’s a profitable benefit and offers concrete assistance to everyone.

Great leaders have great intentions. Great leaders provide what is BEST for all concerned.

Points to Ponder –
Think of a couple of decisions you’ve made recently. Did they pass the “BEST” test?

Think of a couple of decisions others have made that affected you. Did they pass the “BEST” test?

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