Blessing and Destiny

DSN9118-2-MLast Sunday, taking communion in church had me thinking. It took me back to some research I had all but forgotten. It had  to do with some of the symbolism of what Jesus did the night he was betrayed.

To share bread with someone was to share blessings. In other words, traditionally when you asked someone to share bread with you, you were making a statement that you had been blessed and wanted to share that part of God’s goodness with the person you were inviting.

To share a cup with someone was to share destiny. That is, if I offer you to drink from the same cup I am drinking from I am inviting you to share my destiny. That could be good or bad.

So, during the communion meal Jesus took the bread of blessing and shared it with his followers. He then also took the cup of destiny and shared it with his followers. He gave them the blessing of redemption and the destiny of the Kingdom.

Isn’t that what we are now to share with those around us? The blessing of our redemption and the destiny of the coming Kingdom of God. From now on when I take communion it will not only be a memory tool to remember Christ until he comes, but also a challenge to do what he taught me using just a piece of unleavened bread and a little cup; share.

Two words I’ll never think of the same way again, blessing and destiny.


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