Butch and Leadership

DSN9164-2-MOne of my favorite movies is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I just about have about the whole movie memorized. There are some great quotable lines. One of the best is when the main characters are heading back to the hide out. Butch shares an idea of going to Bolivia. After talking back and forth, Butch makes the statement; “I’ve got vision where the rest of the world wears bifocals.”

Butch displayed a great component of leadership – vision. Vision is the ability to innovatively look into the future and to see what needs to be accomplished. It begins with passion and leads to action. Everything great that’s been accomplished began with vision. From Abraham in the Bible book of Genesis to Christopher Columbus, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Steve Jobs; it all began with a vision.

Are all great leaders visionaries? No. Many great leaders were visionaries, but that isn’t necessarily a primary component. Great leaders act on the vision, even if the vision comes from another. Great leaders are action-oriented. They take time to think things through. They evaluate tangents and see the big picture. They are more than visionaries because they act on the correct expedient vision.

The Biblical King of Israel, David had a vision. He wanted to build a house for God – it drove him. He wanted to do this for the God he served and the God who had delivered him so many times. He had the vision. It was his son, Solomon that brought it to pass. It wasn’t Solomon’s vision – it was his father’s. David began accumulating all the materials for the Temple and the interior furnishings; but under the leadership of Solomon the Temple was started and completed.

Vision is a fantastic quality possessed by a precious few. But discernment and action earmark great leaders.

Points to Ponder –
Honestly ask yourself, “Am I a person of vision?”

Have you ever been passionately motivated by the vision of another? What were the circumstances? What were the results?

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  1. The Other Craig

    One of my favorite movies too….but…how can we incorporate these great quotes into the Leadership theme?

    “Morons…I have morons on my team…”
    “Use enough dynamite there Butch?”
    “Who ARE those guys?”
    “What are you doing?”…”Stealing your woman”…”OK, take her”


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