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A Mother’s Leadership

0531151714aShe celebrated her 91st birthday surrounded by her 7 children, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Although she tires more easily than she used to, the gleam in her eyes showed she loved every minute of the gathering.

She hasn’t had an easy life. She had many struggles, but the love she receives from her children is something every parent, grandparent and great grandparent would appreciate and many certainly envy. This has made every sacrifice worthwhile.

She’s an amazing woman. And at 91 she continues to lead her family. She has sacrificed, loved, supported, encouraged, advised, and she demonstrates the most important qualities of leadership; integrity and example.

She raised 7 children, worked outside the home for a while to make ends meet; her doors always open to family and her family’s friends. She has done whatever she felt necessary. Of all her endearing and valuable qualities, she is most appreciated and admired for her love and example.

Great leaders, whether in family or business, lead by example; what they display most often is compassionate concern and integrity.

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Noticing a Whisper of Smoke

DSN9118-2-MStanding on a hillside at a national cemetery I looked over the beautiful yet disturbing view of burial markers pristinely laid out in magnificent order. It was an awesome but troubling sight. I recalled the same formation in cemeteries I had visited near the airport in Minneapolis, at Arlington, and even a small one in St. James, Missouri.

This resting places for countless numbers of soldiers who may have died in service, or at least served in honor of their country. Each location, scattered across the country, with its markers laid out in order serves as a receipt for the cost of our freedom. These, a necessary reminder of a debt owed that is never fully satisfied; that though paid many times with too many lives; still demands payment. The cemeteries never full, the receipt never finished.

Here lies leadership. Hearts submitted to a calling and purpose greater than their own lives or singular cause. The need of the whole considered greater than the need of the individual. Candles with flames snuffed but offering an everlasting smoke that lingers upward as a memorial to their sacrifice.

These were lives given not in the seeking of power but, more nobly, lives given to empower the ideal, the cause, the purpose. Lives given in sacrifice to empower a nation. We dare not forget, but urgently must learn.

Great leadership is not about power, but about empowering others.

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Observing the Communication Speed Limit

DSN9158-2-LI overheard a conversation between business owners that sounded dangerous. As they began the usual question came up… “How ya been?” The response was typical, but it served as a warning for me.

“Oh, I’ve been busy, really busy; seems like I’m always traveling twice the speed of sound…”

Seems like being busy has become a standard for our society. It’s almost a status symbol of some type to be busy, really busy. If you’re not busy then somethings wrong.

But if you’re traveling faster than the speed of sound, you can’t be listening. Everyone will give lip service concerning how important communication is, but practicing it in the real world seems to be lost. We’re too busy to listen; we just want to be heard and move on.

Assumptions are killing relationships, business as well as personal. When I talk I assume you think it’s important enough to listen to; and when you talk I assume I catch enough to understand what you’re saying.

Great leaders slow down, never traveling faster than the speed of effective communication. They listen so as to make sure the other person knows they have been understood. They also talk so as to remove any confusion about what is being communicated.

Be sensitive to the communication speed Limit. Don’t be too busy.

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Fragrant Leadership

DSN9118-2-MI woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. Every time I took a breath I decided on which one I wanted to focus; and just lay there smiling. A very pleasant experience. Waking up to those particularly good smells set the atmosphere for the day. A remarkable thing – just how you wake up can affect your whole outlook. The right atmosphere can make (or break) an attitude.

Great leadership knows that setting the right tone can make or break a situation, a relationship; an attitude. One aspect of leadership is the ability to set an atmosphere. To create an environment of positive energy and motivation. To be able to capitalize on settings so that innovation, creativity and progress is in the air.

Much like waking up to a pleasing aroma, great leadership creates the atmosphere of expectancy for the individuals involved. Creating positive anticipation brings with it a comfortableness and ease for the team.

Great leadership knows the importance of creating a positive working “aroma”.

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Leadership Learning

DSN9118-2-MI recently attended a very good seminar. The information was relevant and practical and the presenter did an excellent job informing and entertaining.

At one point I found myself thinking about learning, continuing education and growth. I thought about how it applied to leadership.

Self-leadership proceeds any other leadership. To effectively lead others one must be able to lead one’s self; being a person of character and integrity; providing an example as well as a message.

One key to great leadership is to know one’s strengths and how to make continuous improvements. It is also to be aware of one’s weaknesses, finding others who can balance and compensate.

Great leadership is continual discovery, growth and understanding. It brings self-revelation as well as discovering the strengths and abilities in others.

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