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Santa’s Grace

DSN9158-2-LI’ve seen it played out for as long as I can remember.

This time of the year the picture of young children sitting on the lap of a jolly, rotund fellow, with flowing white mane and beard, smiling, asking, “Have you been good this year?”

This year it hit me, hard. This merry man, dressed in a great red suit, with the great belly laugh and wide welcoming smile, asking that question of little boys and girls; is the antithesis of Christmas.

What we know is that this “saint” miraculously on one night brings toys to all the children of the world based upon one condition, have they been good? But that one night long ago Jesus didn’t visit the world, but a cave usually used by livestock; after his birth wrapped in cloths and laid in a feeding trough.

Wise men recognized him, shepherds visited him, and angels proclaimed him, here is joy and peace; a savior.

He came not to reward; not for the good, but he came because no one was good enough.

Santa kneels at the manger recognizing the end of judgment and the beginning of grace.

May you know feel joy, experience peace, and grow in grace. God bless you with the merriest gifts of Christmas.

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The Origin of a Legacy

DSN9158-2-LLast week I spent some time with cousins discussing our family tree. We’ve got quite a bit of material and it was fun to compare notes and talk of distant relatives and family history. After our discussion I began making a chart.

I placed a box at the top for my great-great-great-great-great grandparents. I placed some boxes below and put the names of their children and spouses in the boxes. Then on to another row of boxes. My paper was laid out landscape style and I was already out of room.

You may think this has to do with heritage or genealogies; perhaps some magnificent revelation or discovery. None of that happened. Truth is I already know too much about my family history. If you know my family you know what I mean.

But as I looked at the boxes that were all descending from the top one, I realized something I hadn’t planned on.

Bible verses are like that; they have offspring. Sometimes a verse leads me to another verse. Other times a verse leads me to a thought. Sometimes a verse leads me to paradoxical understandings within itself. A verse leads to a verse that leads to another and so on. A verse leads to a thought to another thought to another verse, and so on. A verse brings an understanding and then another look at the same verse brings a differing understanding, and so on.

I guess that is the power of inspiration. I wish I could trace the lineage of verses I know well, of the ones becoming familiar; and those yet to be discovered.

I also pray those verses will produce a legacy in me. May the Word of God be at the top of my lifestyle genealogy.

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A Little Foolishness

DSN9158-2-LPlease bear with me in a little foolishness, I just came across a phrase, and one similar to it, that made me think. Sorry. You’re familiar with the phrases and although they seem to mean the same thing, I’m not sure they do. Maybe you’ve noticed it before and, after reading, will really wonder about me.

The first is the phase, “nothing is impossible.” It’s biblical. I have usually understood it to mean that there is no thing that is impossible. But my new understanding is that nothing is impossible. In other words, and more exact, it is impossible for nothing to happen. Nothing is not a choice, something is going to happen.

Matthew and Luke both state that with God nothing will be impossible. I really like my new understanding. When God looks at an individual he believes that it is impossible for that person to do, or be, nothing. God has a plan.

The other phrase is, “All things are possible.” Matthew and Mark both use that phrase; indicating that all things are possible with God. That adds another dimension. It is impossible for nothing to happen, but add to that – God makes anything possible to happen.

Nothing is impossible, and all things are possible with God. A new reason for hope.

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Do First, Feel Later

DSN9158-2-LI was asked how God can command us to love, isn’t that something we have to feel?

I thought of an important principle in Genesis 4:7. God tells Cain that if he does what is right he will feel good about it. But if he doesn’t the downward spiral of sin will trap him.

Psychologist William James said that if you want a quality in your life then act as if you already have it.

God says love. How I feel doesn’t matter. But the real truth is that if I act in a loving manner, I will then acquire the feeling. It is easier to act your way into feeling than to feel your way into acting.

Nehemiah puts it this way, the joy of the Lord is my strength. At first a difficult saying, but understand that doing what makes the Lord happy will give you strength.

Clearly, especially in spiritual matters, do as commanded and you will acquire the characteristic.

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Intimate Ministry

DSN9158-2-LIt’s an honor and privilege to be a part of the Prayer Team at the Church we attend. I am humbled by the experience and believe it’s an important responsibility to intercede for those who ask. It takes a certain strength of character to be vulnerable and request prayer and I consider those highly that trust me with their praises and concerns.

This week’s prayer list was interesting. There were 15 different individual requests, but the fascinating thing is that 10 of those were requesting prayer for someone else.

It made me stop and think.

These people have had the experience with God that proves to them that prayer is effective. So effective that they want to share it with friends and relatives that are in need. They want to see God work in the lives of others; they want others to see God at work in their very own lives.

This little group of prayer warriors is changing the world in a not so silent way. It is humbling and exciting. I’m honored to be a part of this group realizing prayer is the intimate touch with a loving Father through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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