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A Daily Gift

DSN9118-2-MI sat as my desk, brought the computer back from sleeping and waited for a program to load. While sitting there I noticed, on the edge of my desk, some wrapping paper. It’s been resting there since Christmas.

My mind wandered and I clicked on the “pictures” tab and began looking at photos I had taken when the family was together for our Christmas celebration at the cabin.

One of the pictures caught my attention, and imagination. The morning we open gifts we set them all out and arrange them by whom they are intended for; each person has their own pile of gifts. After they’re arranged, before they are assaulted, I take a picture of the gifts waiting to meet their new owners.

As I looked at that picture, everything was neatly arranged, stacked almost in an artistic display. The scene is quiet except for the anticipation of the grand unveiling. All is ready, just waiting, waiting, waiting…

Every day God begins by setting, wrapped before us, an unlimited amount of presents; opportunities, experiences, relationships, feelings… The day is wrapped, new and fresh, bringing our anticipation of what will happen.

Another series of pictures shows each person unwrapping the gifts prepared for them. It’s fun looking back, but you know, not all the presents were winners. Some were just so-so and others brought a hidden response of, “What?” But each gift received is gratefully acknowledged and every one feels good about what was given and what was received. Hidden wonders remain hidden, love is experienced and even some tears of joy shed.

I too often move through my days mundanely. It’s just another day, I keep moving, going through the motions with little expectations; too little joy and too busy to notice.

“God, please help me to realize each new day as a neatly wrapped gift from you. May I enter with joyful anticipation and faithful expectations of your presence; and each opportunity and experience as your present. And at the close of the day, regardless of how well I have taken advantage of, or even noticed all the gifts you have given, Let my heart recount the day with praise, and adoration for letting me unwrap the gifts I found, and forgiven for what I overlooked. Please give me another chance and help me to do better.”

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A Watery Lesson

DSN9118-2-MI was out of filters so I got out the Keurig; readied the water, the coffee, and was waiting for the water to pass through the k-cup. For that short moment of waiting I wondered how the water felt about the situation. The water, which is fine all by itself, is heated up, put under pressure and passed through another substance that transforms it into something completely different. Is the water okay with this process, or is it offended?

I have gone through, am going through, and will continue the process in the future- situations that change me. Each situation ordained by God to test me, and change me for His purpose and for use as an instrument for His Kingdom. Oftentimes I see with limited perspective and hate the situation, seeing it as an incident rather than His formula.

I enjoy coffee. Hot water? Not so much. For me the process of making coffee, using hot water is worth the effort and sacrificing the natural state of the water.

I pray that when I pass through situations that the filter brings me out pleasing to God.

Psalm 119:71 & 1 Peter 1:6-7 – may I understand He is trying to finish my brewing.

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Easier With My Father

DSN9118-2-MIt was a pretty easy assignment, build a screech owl nesting box. It was a project at my grandson’s cub scout meeting. The six pieces of wood and the screws for construction we’re provided; all we need to bring was a power screw driver.

Ben and I gathered the pieces and began construction. It was pretty simple, lay the pieces together and begin screwing the boards together. The problems was using the power drill was a little heavy for Ben to control by himself. The basic lesson was make sure the boards are aligned, put the screw in the pilot hole, and hold the drill straight with the screw, pull the trigger and apply pressure. This is easier for a grandpa to explain than for a grandson to manage.

So we would set up the pieces, getting everything ready, I would support the drill in the right position, and he would grab the handle and pull the trigger. After the first couple tries he caught on quickly and we completed the house with ease.
It was an amazing adventure. He did a little work, but he thought he was contributing much more than reality. It was my alignment, supporting the drill’s weight, and helping with the pressure; knowing when to signal him to pull and let off the trigger… But Ben helped and was so very proud. Once it was completed we hugged and he thanked me generously and started talking about other projects we could do together.

How unseen and how overwhelming the help of my Father’s hand every day. He aligns me; supports the weight I cannot, He knows how much pressure to apply, and motivates me. More than that he holds me and receives my thanks when I remember to give them.

Isaiah 49:15 – 16; so glad to be in the Father’s hands.

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Over Looking Miracles

DSN9118-2-MI came across a business card under some papers on my desk. I picked it up and began to wonder when I had received it, and how long had it been hiding unobserved on my desk? I read over it carefully and could not remember receiving it or the circumstances that brought it into my possession.

But I had come across it at the right time. It had to do with web development and things that I needed to consider for my LeadersBridge business. I called the number on the card and now have partnered to improve my situation.

The little business card, hiding among other things. The other things larger, seemingly more important; the card overlooked, almost missed, nearly thoughtlessly discarded and certainly disregarded for quite some time.

It seems it works that way. Life; God’s hand. That which may seem insignificant at a time becomes an important miracle of growth and development, of grace, hope, joy and love.

At the birth of Christ many things were going on. Herod was going crazy, Rome was over lording Israel, the census had disrupted life and a sedentary lifestyle was turned to travelling around the country. So many major things, who would ever think to look at a young pregnant woman, or a stable, a feeding trough; or that something significant would happen in insignificant Bethlehem.

All the big things happening, but centuries later we celebrate what appeared to be little at the time as one of the most significant occurrences in history. A baby born that changed the world; my world.

Micah 5:2 prophesies that little Bethlehem, so small and insignificant that it’s too small to be considered part of Judah, will be the instrument of something big.

May the Spirit of God not let the business of this time of the year, or anytime of the year, keep us from experiencing the small miracles around us.

The Christmas carolers may seem unimportant, but sing with them. Little children may impose on our time, hold them. Responsibilities may seem crowding, hold hands, hug; kiss. Strangers may be passersby, bring them close; embrace them. Don’t look away, make eye contact smile; love. Don’t look for major entrances of God, but be sensitive to the little miracles that bring big revelations.

Look for Bethlehem, it has a glowing manger and a shining star, you won’t miss it if you’re looking.

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Seeking a Glimpse

DSN9118-2-MSitting in the window seat on a recent trip I found myself staring out the window. I had read and my eyes were tired and I couldn’t concentrate. I took out a magazine and thumbed through the articles. I pulled out my MP3 player and listened to some songs of my brother’s, recorded a year or two before he passed away. I found myself thinking about him and listening to his music.

As we jetted along it was a kind of cloudy day, but once in a while there would be a break and I would get a glimpse of a city some 30,000 feet below. I began looking for, anticipating the breaks so I could see what we were flying over. Sometimes I could see a city, other times little towns; we passed over the Rocky Mountains. We passed over areas where I couldn’t even find a road. We had long periods of just clouds.

Life is shrouded in sin. The contamination has come upon the world and the reaping of what has been sown is devastating. We see it all around us, and it clouds our vision. Somehow it hides the promise of God’s Kingdom.

But once in a while we see a vision of the coming Kingdom. The clouds are rolled back, separated, and we see glimpses of the love of God vividly displayed and our hope is renewed. We experience the Spirit that was given as a down payment toward our coming inheritance. Hope is alive, faith is renewed; love prevails.

I hear people quote the little verse from 1 Corinthians, chapter 2, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him…” I call it a little verse because the verse after is the big one, “these things God has revealed to us through His spirit.” I find myself praying for these revelations. I pray for the clouds to be cleared. Maybe that’s what seeking the Kingdom first is all about (Matthew 6:33).

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