Changed Stones

DSN9118-2-MI stopped by a cemetery the other day. I wanted to see if my dad’s dates had been engraved on his marker. As I looked at the stone I began to wonder what will happen to all the stones in that cemetery; all the cemeteries. One day there will be no graves; no grave markers.

My first thought is I would like to have the steps of my abode in God’s Kingdom to be headstones. You see, that’s what headstones really are. They mark a step in the process. To conquer death you only have to die. It’s just a step in the process. In a very real way, they aren’t headstones, they’re stepping stone. They mark a person who has taken the next step.

Now, I know the verses in the Bible that talk about the New Heavens and New Earth; the ones that say this earth and everything in it will melt away in fervent heat. But in that Kingdom of limitless possibilities I would like think that I’ll be able to take a walk through that cemetery, and others were loved ones are napping, and look at the holes left by the resurrection. Maybe the information on the headstones will be changed to read something like this (in the case of my dad), “Amos Wagganer slept here.”

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