Character Reproduction

DSN9158-2-LIt happened again. Working with an organization and getting to see how it operates and how its leadership operates is such an eye opener. I usually only get bits and pieces of an organization but sometime I get to see it from the top down.

In this instance I was able to work with the CEO down to lowest rung on the ladder. Here’s the problem… character matters. When the leader operates with a low level of integrity the effects trickle down. Personal integrity from the top will lead an organization in that direction. Low levels of integrity at the top will lead the organization in that direction.

In the case I dealt with recently the top leaders are basically moral people, but lack a character trait in integrity that filters down and can be observed at all levels. The problem is following through on commitment and demonstrating the character they expect from others. When the leader doesn’t display the qualities they expect from others the disconnect is plain and observable, and will be reproduced down the line.

When leadership is character driven and holds to the highest integrity then those attitudes will trickle down to others. A leader must demonstrate to the highest quality of what it expects from others. It is only the demonstration that will bring character and integrity reproduction within the organization.

The leader’s character matters because it reproduces.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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