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DSN9118-2-MA few months ago our neighbors across the street suffered a house fire. It was an alarming and scary time. Since then there has been a succession of people working on the house to get it back to a livable condition. It has been almost totally rebuilt.

It has been interesting to see the different people involved in working on the house. Many different trucks, different types of trucks and a lot of different people; all with different skills and abilities coming to work to make the house ready for the family to move back in. The house appears to be approaching completion.

When I think about my life I see that there have been so many influences that have contributed to who I am. So many people come and make contributions to who I am and who I am becoming; they are involved in building, or rebuilding me. The interesting this is that some are invited and some aren’t, but the influence is still there.

This past week I was thinking about the influences that have been strong in the past couple years. There is one who has challenged me, worried me and contributed more than any other to my growth and development. My wonderful and beautiful daughter, Annie, is one of the most influential people in my life. She is a professor of sociology at a local college and always brings a fresh perspective, a creative challenge and humorous insight. She amazes me.

Isaiah 59:21 says that our offspring shall have the Spirit and words of the Lord. Most assuredly my children are my teachers.

Seems like I am always evaluating my life, and I don’t always get good grades. But I am getting better, I know because Annie is in my life.

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