Coffee Cup Guidance

DSN9118-2-MI had gotten up, made breakfast, and, as Shirley left for work, I decided to run by the library to return some movies before they opened and I would be charged a fine. I had some change in my pocket and drove through McDonald’s and treated myself to a cup of their fresh brewed decaf.

Once home I sat at my desk and opened my Bible to the day’s readings; starting in Numbers chapter one. I came across the phrase, concerning a census, “able to go to war.” I wondered… would I be listed as someone able to go to war for the people of God? I may come back to that thought later but about then something else happened.

As I leaned forward with my Bible in front of me, pondering those words and those thoughts; I took a drink of coffee and sat the cup on my desk at the edge of the Bible. When I looked at the cup I saw an arrow preceded by the words, “Good days start here”. The arrow seemed to be pointing at my Bible.

Good days start here. I get it.

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