Dad Still Buys Me Coffee

DSN9158-2-LIt’s been almost two years since my dad passed away. The time has passed too quickly; just like the final hours we had together.

After his death we were cleaning out his house and in several drawers we found little container with change in them. Just small coin purses, medicine bottles, watch boxes, etc. that were filled with coins. All totaled it probably wasn’t much, but perhaps a dollar or two in each.

Since then there have been times when I have been leaving the house for a meeting and decide to drive through and pick up a cup of coffee. I reach for one of those containers that I’ve never separated and pull out some change, enough for a cup.

Earlier this week as I drove through I thought about the coins. I smiled as I thought that dad was buying me this cup of coffee. He’s been buying my coffee for the past two years, even in his absence. As I drove away I spent some time thinking of him; appreciating him. I smiled almost as if the aroma of coffee somehow reminded me of his after shave; his presence.

His change has changed me. It’s made me mindful to be thankful. To appreciate him as well as the Father who gave me the wonderful and perfect gift (James 1:17) of a dad who still buys me coffee. I hope I never run out of change.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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