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I learned something interesting this week. It has to do with actions and reactions. My own.

I am a Christian and so when I act or react to something I tend to think my reaction is Christian. I never realized how foolish this is. Just writing the first sentence in this paragraph is upsetting and unsettling.

The years old practice of wearing “WWJD” bracelets always bothered me. Too often when someone did something great and honorable the bracelet wasn’t even noticed. People should always do good, as Jesus always did good. But when a person wearing those bracelets did something irresponsible, it would bother me greatly. How could a person claim to be thinking, “What would Jesus do?” and then act in a way contrary?

I came up with an idea. What about a “HCYDWJWDIYDKWHD” bracelet. The letters ask, “How can you do what Jesus would do if you don’t know what he did.” The challenge of the bracelet is to study the life of Christ to be able to understand him, know him, so you can discern in any situation what he would do.

But I find for myself the inability to think fast enough to do what Jesus would do all the time. But my thinking is too much like I mentioned before. I am a Christian so however I react must be Christian as well. I am a follower of Christ so when I do something it must be what Jesus would have done.

I find I often act and react out of my humanity rather than my Christianity. Worse, without thinking I would assume they are congruent.

The instructions to the Old Testament Kings of Israel were to make a copy of the law and read from it daily (Deut. 17:18-19). Concerning the life of Christ, what a transforming idea. And that’s what I need – transformation.

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