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DSN9118-2-MThis week has been hectic, I have two programs in five days and there’s quite a bit to get ready. My problem is that I’m not really a details kind of person so I am always sweating that I have missed or overlooked something. I keep checking my list, but I’m still not at ease until I get the program started.

To say I’m not a details kind of person is certainly not to be critical of those who are detail oriented. In fact, I could have saved a lot of problems and my current state of nervousness if I were more into the details. I’ve worked hard to make the progress I have and I think I have come a long way. But, admittedly, there is still room… I’ll keep working on it. I have become more of a list maker and check things twice.

Reading the book of Leviticus it is clear to see that God is in the details. His instructions are clear and concise regarding the laws he would have govern the post-Egypt Israelites. They are demanding, and it is clear He wanted to misunderstanding in their execution. The details make it clear that God is there.

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As I get ready for tomorrow and next week, I have to make sure all the details are cared for. I can’t afford to overlook something that may be a critical component to the success of the event.

God never overlooks the details. He knows the end from the beginning; even the hairs on my head… Every detail God has taken care of. I guess I can rest knowing that.

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