Difference Multiplication

DSN9118-2-MI was working with a small company that was looking for someone to come in and make a big difference.

They had worked hard, but their business continued to decline. Everyone knew something was needed, but weren’t sure what to do. There were two problems looming so big they seemed to go unnoticed.

The first was they seemed paralyzed to make changes. Everyone was waiting for someone to make a big difference that no one realized they could make a difference. For a while they had looked at each other wanting someone to stand up and make whatever changes were necessary.

Then, without any decisions or discussions, the mood changed to wanting to bring an outside consultant that would do something for them to make a huge difference and turn things around.

The second problem was the rut was so deep that although everyone believed change was needed, any and all ideas were met with reluctance, doubt and fear. It became evident that the overwhelming attitude was, “We want things to be different without changing anything.”

What’s needed? One trusted individual needs to take charge and confront the attitudes. That person also needs to emphasize that it isn’t one person making a big difference, but it’s each person making a little difference within their sphere of influence. The little difference under the right guidance will provide the big changes. With each person making contributions the buy-in will be greatly enhanced and accepted.

Synergy will turn things around. In this instance great leadership will provide motivation for great changes through combing the ingredients of smaller contributions. For this group the big difference will come through small differences being multiplied together.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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