Disoriented Joy

DSN9118-2-MI woke up and the first thing I saw was a digital clock. I thought, “Don’t be afraid, there’s a good reason why you’re where you are. It will come to you.”

I had opened my eyes after a restless night’s sleep but didn’t recognize my surroundings. It seemed like quite a while, but the experiences only lasted a few seconds.

Traveling a lot I’ve had this experience a few times. It isn’t really scary, but startling. The feeling is quickly gone and orientation comes quickly, but those first few moments…

I wonder how Jesus felt that morning when he awoke in a place he had no recollection of? He had been carried and placed there unknowingly, after all he was dead. Unconscious of the passage of time he wakes around sunrise in a little room of which he was not familiar. Then joy came.

If the Lord lingers, those of us in Christ will have a similar experience. I wonder how long between the times our eyes open and insurmountable joy begins?

Please know Jesus and have the best resurrection weekend possible.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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