Distant Expectations

DSN9158-2-LThe young man approached the older man again. A few weeks earlier the young man had asked why the other put on glasses when it came time to pray. And his answer, “The glasses remind me to look for something,” had made quite an impression.

But this time he had another question, “Okay, you put the glasses on when you pray, but you always take them off immediately upon the ‘amen,’ why? I mean it almost seems habitual, or automatic. Is there a reason, like putting them on?”

The man smiled and said, “You’re pretty observant. I only need the glasses for reading. So putting them on reminds me to look for answers close up; now. But I take them off to remind me the answer to all prayers may be far off.”

“God answers prayer and we ask that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. But that perfect will won’t be done until Jesus returns and sets up God’s Kingdom upon the earth. When Jesus returns all our prayers will be answered and, I think, even explained.”

“Prayer is all about expectations. When we pray we ask, seek, knock and look for answers close up. But we also keep an eternal perspective, looking into the distance focusing on the Lords return.”

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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