Easier With My Father

DSN9118-2-MIt was a pretty easy assignment, build a screech owl nesting box. It was a project at my grandson’s cub scout meeting. The six pieces of wood and the screws for construction we’re provided; all we need to bring was a power screw driver.

Ben and I gathered the pieces and began construction. It was pretty simple, lay the pieces together and begin screwing the boards together. The problems was using the power drill was a little heavy for Ben to control by himself. The basic lesson was make sure the boards are aligned, put the screw in the pilot hole, and hold the drill straight with the screw, pull the trigger and apply pressure. This is easier for a grandpa to explain than for a grandson to manage.

So we would set up the pieces, getting everything ready, I would support the drill in the right position, and he would grab the handle and pull the trigger. After the first couple tries he caught on quickly and we completed the house with ease.
It was an amazing adventure. He did a little work, but he thought he was contributing much more than reality. It was my alignment, supporting the drill’s weight, and helping with the pressure; knowing when to signal him to pull and let off the trigger… But Ben helped and was so very proud. Once it was completed we hugged and he thanked me generously and started talking about other projects we could do together.

How unseen and how overwhelming the help of my Father’s hand every day. He aligns me; supports the weight I cannot, He knows how much pressure to apply, and motivates me. More than that he holds me and receives my thanks when I remember to give them.

Isaiah 49:15 – 16; so glad to be in the Father’s hands.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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