Eggzact Leadership

DSN9158-2-LHannah’s 10 and Sarah’s 3. The little one has a mind of her own, but certainly looks up to and feels she can do anything the older sister can do. Ben’s 7 and very independent.

The three are scurrying around the back yard searching for plastic Easter eggs filled with treasures. There’s 114 of them waiting so it’s not too hard to pick out some of the easy ones. The two oldest are hurrying trying to make sure they find the most. As soon as one is found they start looking in other directions, only for the other to find one overlooked at their very own feet.

The youngest needs a little help. She understands the concept, but the searching part is more difficult. She’s relying on her Aunt Annie for help and direction. The two make a great team.

But a remarkable thing happens. Hannah becomes concerned that Sarah‘s not as fast and maybe not finding her share; Hannah comes over and places several eggs in Sarah’s basket – just to make sure she gets isn’t slighted. It was a perfectly delightful moment that I was fortunate to observe.

Hannah reinforced what I know about leadership and caring.

Great leaders look out for those who look up to them.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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