Elephant Irony

0604151226aI learned something interesting at the Missouri Botanical Garden while visiting with Shirley and the grand-kids.

The Chinese word for elephant sounds very similar to the word for ‘sign’ or ‘things to come’. There are many Chinese words that sound alike or similar to other words. So a common practice is to pair an elephant with something else to make a play on words or a pun. Such as, to show an elephant on a rock displays the concept of power or authority. Seeing an elephant with a vase on it back is a sign for a desire for peace; since the Chinese word for vase is very similar to the word for peace.

I have noticed a lot of elephants in Chinese culture and it is interesting to discover why. I have a much deeper appreciation for elephants than I had previously.

As I think back about taking a picture with Shirley and the grandkids in front of this magnificent elephant display I wondered at the irony now apparent. The elephant, being a symbol of things to come, and it being pictured with my grand-kids… get it?

A little over a week after the picture was taken we rejoiced to find out that we are being blessed with another grandchild.

Note – if you want grandchildren I don’t think that having a picture taken with an elephant guarantees anything. But I do love the way God puts His finger into things just to see if we’ll recognize His providence.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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