Escaping to the Right Place

DSN9118-2-MI maneuvered my chair so that I could only see what I wanted to see. The flowers from a flower bed right in front of me, to the left is the grill blocking most of the view of the house and neighbors’ houses. To my right is our utility shed that blocks my being able to see the houses behind us. In front of me is a portion of our back your, then, unfortunately, a fence and then more yards and trees. I’ve positioned myself to block out as much as I can that reminds me I live in a metropolitan area.

The problem is that even though I can’t see it, I know it’s there.

I have this problem in many areas. I try to block things out, but they’re still there. The events of the past week locally, national and internationally leave me wanting to bury my head in my arms and sing some non-sensible words so loud I can’t hear the news; the terrors around me.

Then, in a fit of responsibility, I feel I need to be informed, but every person has a different opinion and their own source of information. Who can be trusted? Then every report has a differing view, sights conflict, people fight, voices raise, criticism increases, anger rages… I’m back to lowering my head and wanting to just escape.

Escape where? Wise words from the prophet Isaiah says to go to the teaching and the testimony (Isaiah 8:20). The answers, as well as the truth is to be found in God’s message. It’s there that sense can be made, answers are given, insights revealed.

When I study I find my responsibility is to love, that’s it, love.

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