DSN9118-2-MI woke up this morning humming a tune I would have sworn I had forgotten. It is an old tune from a forgotten album by a music group I’m not sure I remember the name of correctly. It’s a catchy song with a great line… “people fail to remember, that people tend to forget.”  In fact, that’s the only line I remember from the song.

Psalm 127:2 says that God gives to those He loves even in their sleep. So what prompted me to wake up with this tune in my mind, only able to remember the words from that one line?

So – have I forgotten something, or what am I failing to remember? Am I counting on someone who has forgotten something and I need to remember not to be angry after all, I don’t want to fail to remember that people tend to forget?

If you know that I have forgotten something, please forgive me and, if it is important, remind me. Otherwise just laugh at my forgetfulness and wonder when I will remember. If you have forgotten something pertaining to me, don’t worry about it, I don’t remember what it was either.

People fail to remember, that people tend to forget. Wise words that teach me patience, and understanding. Of all the things I fail to remember, or tend to forget, I am glad I remember those words.

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  1. The Other Craig

    Yes…you HAVE forgotten something…think lake, boat, bass…if my memory serves me correctly I had FANTASTIC luck with the bass in September timeframe on a purple worm fished Texas style… 😉


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