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DSN9118-2-MI was working on an upcoming class and needed some ideas. I turned to my first line of resources. When it comes to needing a spark of creativity I readily acknowledge my two trusted sources.

One, I spin my chair around and pick up one of my Calvin and Hobbes books. I have many, and I begin to read about the little character’s escapades. Mr. Watterson, the author of the comic strip has a great imagination and a creativity that helps me get moving. I may spend a little too much reading and re-reading, but I always come away with an improved attitude and some great ideas, and some of them are useful.

The other resource for challenging me to be more creative is The Bible. I have several of them as well, and I can begin reading and thinking about situations and I always find a spark of creativity from the insights.

One of the first things we learn about God is that He is creative. In the beginning He demonstrated His creativity. Of course there are myriads of examples, but I love taking the grand-kids to the zoo because even an elementary look at the animal kingdom reveals just the tip of God’s infinite creativity.

I suppose as I face problems; situations in my life in which I beg His intervention; circumstances in which I feel powerless, or need His power; it is comforting to know that He is creative. And I have seen it demonstrated in those areas of my life.

God’s creativity is seen all around in nature, but when we look at His activity in our own lives we see that He is very creative there as well. As I face those circumstances in which I ask for him to work, He always does, and usually in a way I wasn’t expecting. I pray and set up conditions and expectations as a result of the need I see; the pressure I feel and the outcome I desire, and/or expect. But when all is resolved I find that God has worked in a completely different and much better way. He has been creative.

Perhaps trust and faith are about realizing the creativity of God to work in a situation in which every tangent situation (known and unknown) are being reconciled to him, by him. He is continuing His creativity in having everything under control and working all things together for good according to His purpose, not just for me, but for every one involved and in grand scheme of His coming Kingdom.

Maybe an integral part of my prayers should be for me to see, comprehend and be challenged by His creativity that I will continued to be amazed and be in awe.

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