Following Directions

DSN9164-2-MI was in the shoe department and my wife called.  She asked where I was.  I told her.  She replied that she’d just left there.  But maybe there are two shoe departments?  She asked what floor I’m on.  The middle level, so that’s where she goes to find me.  She calls back.  She can’t find the shoe department on the middle level.  It must be the lower level – my mistake.  She got off the escalator and headed in the opposite direction.  She still can’t find me.  I made my way to the escalators and told her to meet me at the up escalator.  She says she is standing there.  We can’t see each other.  Then she asks a remarkable question, “What store are you in?”

I am sure there’s a lesson on communication and leadership in here somewhere.  I’ll use it as an illustration in the future.

Points to Ponder…

Can you remember a time when you got directions messed up and you wound up in the wrong place?

Can you remember a time when you gave directions to someone that turned out to be wrong?

What’s this got to do with leadership?

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  1. Craig Fyfe

    I am just deeply discouraged that you have been reduced to discussing shoe shopping…


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