Forever’s Forever

DSN9118-2-MI looked up from my computer to gather my thoughts and was distracted by a picture that’s been hanging there for years. But it caught my attention as I noticed the date; August 30, 1913. It’s a panoramic picture of a church conference in Morse Mill, MO. There are well over 200 people in the picture. There are a couple babies on laps and there are elderly people sitting. Every age group is represented.

I wondered how far people had traveled and under what conditions. I wondered how long the meetings lasted and what was the outcome. All questions that could no longer be answered. Then I realized – every person in that picture was most likely dead. It was taken over 101 years ago.

I wondered who might know who is on this picture. Were some my relatives? My grandparents could have been there, but my parents weren’t born yet. Who were these people?

My heart was suddenly warmed. All these people had made sacrifice to be at this meeting. It was a matter of faith. I can’t speak for certain, but by this picture I’m choosing to assume that these people had hope beyond their lives.

I’m reminded of Hebrews 11:39-40. After listing faithful people the chapter concludes that all these died in faith not having received what they were promised because God has something better in store, we’ll all be made perfect together.

Perhaps I’ll get a chance to talk with them someday; maybe even share the picture and hear their stories. It’s a good thing forever’s forever.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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