Generous Gratitude

DSN9118-2-MThis week I led a presentation for a local Chamber of Commerce. The subject matter was showing sincere appreciation for people. It included a time of recognizing the strengths and contributions of others and showing appreciation by doing a little more than just saying thanks.

The next day I met my grand-daughter after school. Her little brother had walked up with me and so we walked back to their home; she did her homework; and then she and I went to see gram’s (that’s what they call my wife, their grandmother) new office. After touring the office we all went out to eat; played games while waiting for our order; ate pizza; and then time to head home.

Back in the truck, on the way back to the house, my grand-daughter found a blank piece of paper and announced she was going to do an acrostic poem. She worked hard, folded the paper and put it in my pocket. Later I took the paper out of my pocket and read it (in her words and spelling)…

Toatolly cool


Always nice

Never mean




On top of the world


To: Pop            From: Hannah W.


In many of the Apostle Paul’s writings he mentions being thankful for people. I learn so much from my grandchildren. I had taught a class on showing appreciation and then I received one of the nicest gestures I have ever received. Something I’ll treasure forever.

Never underestimate the power of generous gratitude. I am now thanking God for everyone who takes time from their busy schedules to read my thoughts. Thank you so very much and God’s blessings on you.

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  1. Kathy Cooper

    very sweet!!! We never could have children, so no grandchildren, but I had nieces and nephews and now THEY have children, so I have great-nieces and nephews, and they are such a joy, and say and do the cutest and sweetest things. Congratulations on having your grandchildren, and making memories with them. In the future, they will remember you with great love!!!


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