God’s Mark

DSN9118-2-MI’ve had the pleasure of babysitting grandchildren twice this week. And it is a pleasure to spend time with them and watch them and enjoy their presence. It is enlightening to talk with them, see what makes them tick; what they’re interested in, and what they think is fair and unfair.

Each one is so very different. They’re in the same house, same parents and surrounding, but each is different and have special qualities unique to them. Last night I had some alone time with each one. It was an education for me just to learn and experience their individuality. I won’t go into my observations, but Hannah (9 years); Ben (6 years), and Sarah (2 the end of the month) have taught me a lot; and continue to shape me.

Last night, after kissing them good night, praying with them and turning out the lights. I had some alone time. I had to be beaming as I thought about the evening and how much I love those little folk. I thought about their differences and how special each one is.
It dawned on me how special each person is. Created in the image of God and shaped by forces we don’t and can’t understand; totally unique.

Because of past experiences I judge people quickly. I make assumptions, draw conclusions and then treat people not how they deserve, but according to my (very limited) understanding of what I think and prejudge about them. How unfair I am.
I need to value each individual. I need to understand them, their idiosyncrasies, and their reflection of the image of God.

The world would be a better place if I would treat everyone like I treat my grandchildren. I think it is worth a try.

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  1. rita kowats

    What a delight to start my day with your essay. It is the ecatasy of children that I live and which brings me back to God -presence….their ability to be completely outside of ego in moments of creativity. You may enjoy a piece I posted entitled “What’s in the Bag? ”

    Thank you!


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