Heritage Trumps Genealogy

DSN9118-2-MI enjoy looking at family trees. I’ve found interesting stuff in my own, but looking at someone else’s is still entertaining.

I am the result of a Wagganer – Graham union. But my parents were the result of Wagganer – Sikes and Graham – Isbell unions. And my grandparents were the results of… the funnel get larger and larger with each generation. It causes me to wonder about my great grandparents and great great grandparents, and my… all those relatives that went before; and what their traits were. How am I like them; how am I different.

I also enjoy reading the genealogies in the Bible. There is some fascinating stuff we tend to miss if we’re not careful. Tamar, Rahab and Ruth are all fascinating stories that wind up in the lineage of Christ. But we also find Bithia, the daughter of Pharaoh that married a Hebrew and chose to leave with the Israelites exiting Egypt. There’s the story of Jabez. There are lots of discoveries to be made.

When the Israelites are traversing the wilderness and different men are selected to lead the twelve tribes, the leader of Judah is Nahshon. In Matthew and Luke we find him in the lineage of Christ. I wonder what it was about this man that granted him to be the chief of the largest tribe in Israel, and also to be a part in Christ’s genealogy.

I wonder about all the parents in the past of whom I am a descendant. What types of things did I inherit? Are they things I should be thankful for, or otherwise? And what about my own children; grand-children? When the list is completed that includes me somewhere along the line, will anybody care?

Perhaps the greatest genealogical insight comes from the book of Galatians. In chapter 3, verse 29, it says that if I am Christ’s then I’m Abraham’s offspring and an heir according to God’s promise. Maybe it’s not as important what I may have inherited from my past as it is what I am going to inherit in the future.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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