Honest Creativity

DSN9164-2-MOriginal creativity is invaluable; just ask those of us that don’t have it. We marvel at people who have great ideas. We wonder where they came from and why we didn’t think of …whatever. Truly creative people are a treasure.

I’ve been very envious of the creative people. Then I learned about the second type of creativity – borrowed creativity. These are people like me. We have developed the ability to seek out creative people and capitalize on their talents. I’m not too creative but I do have a small streak. I work at being creative, it doesn’t come natural. I’ve learned to look for creative people and creative resources. Then I borrow from them and use their creativity to my benefit and to benefit those around me.

People have flattered me by saying that I’m creative. I correct them whenever I hear it. Others have asked me how I became so creative. I tell them the truth – I borrowed it. When people come up to me and say that my idea was great, I acknowledge that it is a great idea, but I may not be exactly sure who or where the idea came from. A quote I love is; ‘The art of creativity is the ability to forget your source’. I’ve borrowed creativity but I try to give credit when and where it is due. My creativity is being able to seek out the creative around me.

Great leaders are creative, whether they are originally creative or they are ‘borrowers’.

Points to Ponder –
Is your creativity original or borrowed?

Who are some truly creative people you admire?

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