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I came across this quote in Tom Peter’s book, “Re-Imagine,” “But we must appreciate that design is the Seat of the Soul … if one is in the Solutions-Experiences-Dream-Fulfillment Business.” 

That is the business I want to be in. The Solutions-Experiences-Dream-Fulfillment Business. But what is that? How do I get there from here? 

I guess, maybe, it is an attitude toward life. I mean, if you are in business, or part of a business then to think that way will overhaul that (your) business. But as a matter of personal habit, to look at life that way, what a thought! 

I want to solve problems not be one. Those of you who know me may not believe that, but maybe I’m growing up (or tired). I want to experience life, not just live it (that sounds familiar). I also want those who know me best to enjoy that experience as well as I enjoy the experience of not just knowing them- but experiencing them. I want to see dreams fulfilled- my own and everyone around me. I want life to be a constant source of amazement and wonder. 

Jesus said he came to give life- life in all its fullness. I’m not sure I have bought into that completely, especially (or because) the way it is usually preached. You know what I mean- the health and wealth mentality (retarded). Maybe Jesus saw me as a problem that needed solving; an experience that needed happening; a dream that needed fulfilling. Maybe he’s working on that in me. Maybe he wants me to demonstrate that for others. 

The Apostle Paul wrote in two of his letters that we should seize the moment, take advantage of every opportunity. I don’t want to be just ready to do that, I want to do it. Queen Esther of Old Testament fame was told that maybe the reason she became Queen was to handle the problem that had come to be. Maybe today, everyday, I can be in the “Solutions-Experiences-Dream-Fulfillment Business.”   

Going back to the quote- “design is the seat of the soul.” If it is going to happen, it is like everything significant that I have ever wanted that has happened. It will have to be by design … and desire. Maybe I would change the quote; design and desire are the seat of the soul. 

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