I Go Pogo

DSN9164-2-MMy desk is an old mahogany roll top thing. Not in great shape and not the wisest purchase I have ever made, but it works and I like it. It affords me the surface area to accumulate a lot of papers, as well as display some items to remind me of certain principles.

This morning I was looking at some plastic cartoon figures I have on the top of the desk. There stands Pogo Possum, Albert Alligator, Beauregard Buglehound, Howland Owl and Porky Pine. Characters from the old cartoon strip, “Pogo” by Walt Kelly.

It’s important to keep a sense of humor; to have things around that are a reminder not to take yourself too seriously. Great leaders are transparent and vulnerable; that means being honest with others about yourself. It means being able to admit, share and laugh at your personal foibles and failures.

Great leaders know theirs is not the only perspective and that the truth is perspective is not reality, it is only an interpretation. Great leaders have the ability to laugh at themselves and share the laughter with others.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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